Rory Townsend (Pedal Heaven RT) won the VC St Raphael promoted 51st Perfs Pedal Race as the UCI Continental outfit made it a 1-2-4 at Southwick in Hampshire.  DS Tim Elverson had stated the intention was to win the race; there was no arrogance in their ambition, rather a professional expectation.  Townsend recovered from a last lap puncture to claim victory, however Pedal Heaven did not have it all their own way.

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On a warm morning John Hyde and Frank Kilsby (both VC St Raphael) drove up to Dunsfold for a Surrey League 3rd cat race round Dunsfolds pretty flat course, although it has to be said it can appear not too flat as some of the drags come off sharp slow junctions. Both John and Frank had their pre race warmup and chat and agreed tatics the race, or for the first two laps at least. 

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Charlies first race as a VC St Raphael rider was in Belgium on Saturday in a small town, Evergem, just north of Gent. The Belgians were extremely welcoming and supportive, ‘Charlie Cooper from VC St Raphael in England is riding today’ was called out on the tannoy. The organisation was superb!

A field of 30 or so started the 10 laps of 6.7km at a quite a pace on the well marshalled circuit, Charlie tried to breakaway a few times with the goal of winning one of the nine primes. He thought he’d got one of the sprints in the bag, only to find out there was another rider up the road – better luck next time! He finished in the main field and finished ‘mid table’ a very happy Charlie in his new kit!


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Many thanks to Jack for taking time out to share his blog with us and his first weeks experience of being back in Belguim racing.......a great first hand insight!

I'm back out in Belgium, both previous times out here I have written a blog for the Cycle Time Trial website, and I found it a good way for keeping everybody at home up to date, in what I am getting up to, whether it be family, friends or just fellow cyclist with a interest. Yet again, I'll straight up apologise for any grammatical mistakes, should hopefully improved from previous years as I have written a 8,500 word dissertation this year, which made some sort of sense.


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