VC St Raphael are delighted to welcome the following riders who have joined the club for 2016:

Female Riders:

Gwen Bevan-Time Trials

Emily Edwards-Track

Penny Gardener-Time Trials

Jen Lemen Hogarth-Time Trials

Bec Lemen Hogarth-Time Trials

Rosey Mushens-Time Trials

Emma Pitt-Track and Road

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Male Riders:

Andy Bevan-Time Trials

Tim Crumpton-Road

Mike Fitzgibbon-Time Trials

Mike Ford-Time Trials and Circuits

James Gray-Road

Josh Griffiths-Time Trials

Ollie Hitchings-Track

George Jones-Time Trials, Track and Road

Gareth Jones-Time Trials

Alex Leek-Time Trials, Track and Road

Steve Potts-Time Trials, Track and Road

Chris Randall-Time Trials