VC St Raphael Cycling Club

Greg shows pace at Thruxton Circuit

Greg Parker (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) wins the Antelope RT 10 at a windy Thruxton Motor circuit.
"The race went really well apart from a warm up crash when my rollers collapsed! I have made quite a few changes to equipment in the last few weeks so didn't really know how those would work out but bike felt really good and the windy conditions suited me." commented Parker.


1 Greg Parker VC St Raphael 00:21:58
2 Jerone Walters 00:22:09
3 Gary Dighton 00:22:11
4 Charlie Mitchell ...a3crg 00:22:13
5 Paul Jones 00:22:28
6 Stephen Walkling VC St Raphael 00:22:32
7 Phil Brown Didcot Phoenix CC 00:22:57
8 Simon Berogna VC St Raphael 00:23:02
9 Bryce Dyer VC St Raphael 00:23:04
10 Nick O'Hara New Forest CC 00:23:18

Winning Team: VC St Raphael

1st Women: Lesley-Anne Walkling VC St Raphael


Many thanks to Eammon Deane for the report and results